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Financial and Insurance

Primary care for your 
entire family

green triangle Payment and Billing

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Payment and Billing
Payment is due at time of service. Copays are due when you check in with the front desk for your visit. We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express, as well as cash and personal checks. 

For our patients that have no insurance we offer a 20 % discount on your bill at check out, if the bill for that visit is paid in its entirety.

If your visit is covered by insurance, it is your responsibility to ensure we have a copy of your current insurance card. We can file your insurance claim based on this information. Please realize if you have not provided accurate information, you are personally responsible for payment of services received.

Our physicians are on the panels of most health care plans in this area. We accept benefits from Medicare and Worker’s Compensation. We will file your office visit with your insurance carrier or Medicare. Since we are accepting assignment the reimbursement check will be sent to us. If you are covered by more than one insurance plan, bring a membership card for each one. Also any time your plan changes, be sure to notify our office.


Accepted Insurance
Olive Branch Family Medical Center is pleased to announce that we are covered under most commercial insurances. If you have questions about the status of your insurance company. Olive Branch Family Medical Center is not a Mississippi medicaid provider.

Here is a list of the major Insurances with a link to their web site.


Baptist Health Services


Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Ms. 

Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Tn. 


Central States


First Health



Great West 





Pittman and Associates 


United Healthcare 


We do not accept Tenncare or Medicaid

We do not take United Healthcare Community Plan, Windsor and Magnolia Plan

Not all insurance plans require a referral so before requesting one, please make sure your insurance plan requires one. We have a referral clerk who arranges most of our referral appointments and completes the necessary insurance authorizations. Provide the referral clerk with dates and times when you can be available for an appointment. For routine referrals, the patient can expect to obtain notification in 5 days from their visit with us. At your visit you will be given a pin number and phone number, after 5 days call and listen to a voicemail box that will give you all pertinent information for the test or specialist appointment.

If you are a new patient, we will need to see you before we can refer to a specialist. If you are an established patient requesting a referral for a problem for which we have not seen you before, please make an appointment for an evaluation. This policy enables us to provide initial evaluation so either treatment can be started or determination of which type of specialist may need to be consulted.

If you schedule your own appointment allow one week advance notice to us so insurance authorization can be arranged. If no advance notice is provided and the visit is not due to an emergency, then the visit with the specialist will need to be rescheduled so that time will be available to arrange the authorization.

If we have scheduled the initial appointment and you have to cancel, please call and reschedule your visit with the appropriate specialist or hospital. However, you should also notify our office of your new appointment time so we can be watching for the test results.