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OBFMC: Services Offered
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• Asthma Education
• Cardiac Monitoring
• Cholesterol Education
• Complete Physicals
• Cryosurgery
• Diabetic Education
• Electrocardiograms
• Endometrial Biopsy
• Executive Physicals
• Hearing Testing
• Health Fair
• Well Woman Scans
• X Rays

• Immunizations
• Injections• Iv Fluid Therapy
• Joint And Trigger Point
• Laboratory Services
• Minor Surgery
• Nutrition Classes
• Pulmonary Function Testing
• Sigmoidoscopy
• Tympanometery
• Ultrasounds
• Vasectomy



Health Fair
We are also happy to conduct Health fairs for your clubs or companies and give lectures on various health issues to community groups


We have all the infant, pre school, and college immunizations. We are also able to provide tetanus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Pneumonia, and Flu injections.

Laboratory Services
Our clinical laboratory is staffed with certified, well trained, compassionate employees. We have the most up to date equipment. Our laboratory is licensed by the Federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act.

Lab Services
If your insurance allows, we are able to do the following testing in the office:
• Pregnancy Testing, Urine and Blood
• Urinalysis
• Testing for strep throat and Mono
• Complete Blood Count evaluating for infections and anemia
• Wet preps looking for various types of vaginal infections
• Pap Smears, both thin prep and regular slide
• PT with INR 
• X-rays of all body areas

We are able to draw blood for all other tests and send this to reference laboratories. We typically will have results back in 7 to 10 days depending upon the testing requirements of the specimen.

When you have blood drawn in the clinic, you will be given a security pin code and phone number. Your results with any pertinent treatment recommendations with be placed in a voice mail box. Three to 5 days after you have had your blood drawn, you will be able to access this mailbox by calling the provided phone number and using your personalized pin number.

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Minor Surgery
The clinic setting is much more convenient and personable for minor surgery. Our providers are highly skilled and our appointments are flexible for your needs. Dr. Huling has had many years experience in male sterilization (vasectomy). Simple skin lesions and other superficial abnormalities can be evaluated, biopsied, or removed in the office. We have a full stocked trauma room in which we can give excellent care for minor emergency situations, such as lacerations and fractures.

Pulmonary Function Testing
The amount of oxygen in our lungs can be measured by a simple test. The procedure is an actual measurement. It can detect obstructions, lung damage from smoking, heart conditions, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The test takes only minutes and a report is generated immediately. The results can aid in the preferred medication given.

Rectal cancer is one of the leading types of cancer in the United States. Screening for this deadly disease is crucial. We have the most up to date equipment available, the ease of having the procedure performed in the clinic, and a procedure suite for your privacy. Dr. Huling has been intensively trained in this procedure. It is recommended that patient be screened every after the age of

One of the most common pediatric visits to the doctor is an ear infection. The most common symptoms are earaches with fever. We have just added a new procedure to detect fluid behind the ear, infection, and hearing impairment. It is a simple, painless, quick test, and results are available immediately. Adults also benefit from the procedure. It can determine if vertigo is related to fluid behind the ear, or if a more serious illness should be considered.

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Well Woman Screens
Yearly cancer screening is vital for adult women of all ages. Even women, who have had a hysterectomy and still have their ovaries, should be screened for vaginal cancer periodically. Our providers use the most advanced tests available for cancer cell screening.

Our xray department has been equipped with the most state of the art instrumentation. Our staff is certified by the State of Mississippi Radiology Licensure Department. We use precise, accurate gages in performing radiology studies on our patients.